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Stay connected when moving around
When moving from one location to another, you might experience a temporary loss in connection. This is a result of your device continuing to connect to the original access point, which might not be optimal at your new location. If your device fails to connect to another access point while you roam, take the following steps to adjust your connection.

  • If you are using Windows, navigate to Control Panel > Select Network Connections, and then right-click Wireless Network Connection > Select Repair.
  • If you are using your laptop's connection manager, try to reconnect to the Coastal WiFi network (or your designated Coastal WiFi Partner Network) to ensure that your device is connecting to an optimal access point.


How do I connect to the Internet?
Connecting through your browser:
1. Simply select and connect to the "Coastal WiFi" SSID or a Coastal WiFi partner SSID from the network list.
2. Launch your Internet browser to access the Coastal WiFi Welcome page.
Note: You may need to attempt to load a new URL to prompt the Boingo page.
3. Log in using your Coastal Wifi username and password.
(If it's a partner page, you'll probably simly need to click "Enter".)

I am having trouble connecting on my laptop. Are there some basic things I can do to get online?
  • First, please restart your computer. Rebooting your laptop will often correct connection problems.
  • Be sure your Wi-Fi is turned on. Most computers have a Wi-Fi switch. If your computer does not have a Wi-Fi switch, please go to Internet options on your computer and verify your wireless LAN (WLAN) connection is enabled. If it is not enabled, right click and enable it.
  • Check your signal. Right click on the wireless icon in the system tray, select "View Wireless Networks" and select a network from the list presented.
  • If your computer indicates that it is connected, but the browser says "page cannot be displayed," then please verify your home page. Your home page may be set to your company intranet. Simply type any publicly-accessible web site into the address bar (such as and you will be online or redirected to the signup page.
  • If you continue to have trouble, please contact Coastal WiFi Customer Support.

I am having trouble connecting on my mobile device. Are there some basic things I can do to get online?
  • First, please check to be sure your Wi-Fi is "on" (if applicable). This option is usually located in the Settings menu.
  • Check your signal. From the Settings menu, select "Wi-Fi" and then choose "Coastal WiFi" SSID or a Coastal WiFi partner SSID from the network list (a sample list is below). Note: Some partner SSID networks do not support mobile devices..
  • If you continue to have trouble, please contact Coastal WiFi Customer Support.

Is the Wi-Fi network affecting my cellphone data service (3G or 4G)?
In short, no. It's technically impossible for Wi-Fi to interfere with cellular service, and it's actually illegal for anyone to interfere with cellular transmission. For the tech geeks among us, Wi-Fi and cellular data run on different frequencies, so they don't directly interfere with each other.

Cellular service is also delivered over licensed spectrum, meaning that your service provider owns that specific frequency range, to ensure they can provide service without interference. It is possible for things like Bluetooth and microwaves to interfere with Wi-Fi, because they all use the same unlicensed spectrum frequencies. But none of those technologies can interfere with your cellphone Internet service.

Can I use streaming video, video conference or VoIP (Voice over IP) on the CoastalWiFi Network?
Absolutely! Coastal WiFi makes streaming video, VoIP calls and sending large files easy.
Please note: Some of our partner Wi-Fi operators may restrict these data-intensive activities.