"Small businesses that offer Internet access, such as a coffee shop or a hotel or even a car mechanic with a waiting area, should be aware of the industry's crackdown on piracy and take steps to ensure their customers aren't using the service to steal content... Some people don't want to pirate music from home because they're afraid of getting caught, so they'll use the Wi-Fi connection of a neighbor or the coffee shop down the street."
bizjournals.com July 18, 2011 article


Restaurants, Offices, Condos or Retail Business

Wireless Internet access is emerging as one of today's most required technology for small businesses, hospitality, apartment complexes, rental units, homeowners associations or condo associations. Coastal WiFi can install our professional grade wireless access points throughout your property to meet that demand. Our network will also provide a secure secondary network for management or corporate use if needed.

Coastal WiFi installs a state of the art, secure and stable network. All of our networks include a modern splash page for all users that includes legal terms and conditions.  Our networks also include:

  • Filtering to prevent illegal downloads, including music, movies and pirated software
  • Client IsolationServices
  • Indoor & Outdoor installations
  • Full property roaming capabilities
  • Bandwidth throttling
  • Self healing hardware for post power loss recovery
  • Corporate LAN accessibility & separation from public
  • Legal Compliance
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Branded splash pages
  • Redirection to corporate website
  • Alert messaging for abusing users
  • Easily upgraded
  • Unlimited expandability options
  • Professional technical support for management