Indoor and Outdoor Installations


WiFi technology is advancing beyond the needs of providing indoor, short-range wireless Internet access to mobile computers. The extended range and advanced mesh technology of Coastal WiFi now provides indoor/outdoor coverage across entire campuses. This can eliminate expensive data wiring for other types of electronic equipment, such as advanced security cameras, remote POS systems or mobile/connected staff.

While outdoor environments present many challenges, certain indoor environments present their own unique set of difficulties. An older Apartment complex, for example, may not have the power outlets neccessary to run a large network. While some luxury environments are sensitive to appearances and decor.

Coastal WiFi has indoor and outdoor modular installation options that fit any environment. We make it easy to get wireless coverage exactly where you need it. With a series of enclosures, we can install your access points on a wall, a ceiling, a pole, a roof, a tree, just about anywhere.

Our enclosures are designed specifically for our access points and blend in seamlessly in any office, hotel, warehouse or apartment block. You see the wireless network; not the access point. Our power options can provide power to the wireless access point hundreds of feet away.

All of the enclosures work seamlessly together.



Ceiling Mount Enclosures

  • Perfect for common areas
  • Can be mounted on drop ceilings, hard ceilings or the wall

Indoor Wall Plug Enclosures

  • The router, antenna and power supply are completely hidden inside
  • Supports all types and sizes of North-American outlets
  • No need to put any holes in the wall
  • The backplate simply screws onto the outlet cover plate

Outdoor Enclosures

  • It can be pole (horizontal or vertical) or wall mounted without extra cost or options
  • Protected from rain without requiring expensive pigtails or weatherproofing materials
  • Can be used in conjunction with external, long range antenna