Content Filtering

Content FilteringContent filtering is an important part of what Coastal WiFi does. In this day and age, its not uncommon for children and under 18's to have wifi enabled devices such as telephones, ipod touches and the like.

Businesses, Companies and Homeowners Associations can be liable for the data that is transferred into their internal networks and servers. One single rogue user's actions can create serious legal problems if his or her actions are not filtered. Downloading of copyrighted materials in particular are a real and dangerous threat to the entity providing the internet connection.

If a good web content filtering solution is in place, a business is protected against this type of threat. Copyrighted material is blocked using standard filters. A web content filtering solution from a trusted vendor will also protect you legally because it shows your commitment to stopping this type of crime on your network.

Not only is the number and severity of threats increasing on the outside of your network, but the potential for damage is increasing inside the corporate walls as well. Casual non-business related web surfing has caused many businesses countless hours of legal litigation, as hostile work environments have been created by employees who view and download offensive content. Copyright infringement lawsuits filed by the music and movie picture industries are increasing as employees use file-sharing programs to download their favorite music and movie files. As government regulations and legal requirements begin to hold company executives accountable for their employee's actions, corporate executives and IT professionals alike are now becoming more concerned about what their employees are viewing and downloading from the Internet.