Client isolation

Client IsolationClient Isolation, also called AP Isolation, is a concept and technology that separates all wireless clients and wireless devices on your network from each other. Wireless devices will be able to communicate with the router but not with each other.

A prime example would be like in a hotel wherein a lot of computers connect randomly to the network. Since all computers are connected to 1 single network there is a possibility that they could access each other which may result in unwanted hacking. AP isolation will help prevent this by making each and every single computer a separate entity on their own but clients have full access to network.

The Coastal WiFi public network ALWAYS uses AP isolation. All users will be prevented from the following:

  • Browsing each other's devices
  • Printing to your company or staff printers
  • Accessing sensitive data on your corporate network
  • Infecting the entire network with a rogue virus

Coastal WiFi networks can also include a Private, or Secure, network. This is a separate network that is, or can be, connected to your internal corporate LAN. The private network can be used in a variety of innovative ways:

  • Guard shacks or security outposts
  • Building to building connections
  • Mobile staff on the premises
  • VOIP wifi phones
  • Printers and copiers located in difficult to wire locations
  • Remote POS registers and stations