Bandwidth Throttling

StableBandwidth throttling is the intentional slowing of an internet connection. It is a reactive measure employed in communication networks in an apparent attempt to regulate network traffic and minimize bandwidth congestion. Coastal WiFi may use bandwidth throttling to help reduce a user's usage of bandwidth that is supplied to the entire network. This is often used to even out the usage of the total bandwidth supplied across all users on the network. In turn, this creates a stable network for every user, rather than 1 user's activity slowing the entire network and causing instability.

Coastal WiFi can increase or decrease your bandwidth on an as needed basis. Both download and upload speeds can be managed separately. We will monitor and manage your network daily.



Bandwidth Throttling with Coastal Wifi:

  • Distributes bandwidth equally among all of your residents, clients and public users
  • Prevents one or two users from bringing the entire network down
  • Improves overall network reliability
  • Only utlitlized on public wireless network
  • Saves some bandwidth for private corporate wireless network