Family Friendly Internet Filter

Content FilteringAs the head of a household or as a business manager, you may want to ensure that the your Internet connection is being used in an appropriate and safe manner. In some areas, it may also be required to ensure that your Free WiFi service is appropriate for your venue. Our optional Family Friendly Internet Filter gives you the ability to restrict access to objectionable content.

The World 'Wild' Web

By its very nature, the Internet is unregulated and unedited. These features have made it a revolutionary and indespensable medium for the exchange of ideas. However, there are situations when it may be more appropriate to control which content can and cannot be viewed in a particular setting.

Prevention of Liability Issues

According to the Children's Internet Protection Act of 2001, "schools and libraries are required to certify that they have their safety policies and technology in place before receiving E-rate funding." This requires a content filter. A content filtering policy puts your organization in legal compliance and helps to prevent the possibility of your organization being held liable for allowing illegal activity such as file sharing. It also eliminates the liability concerns that often arise from inappropriate communication between employees over third-party sources such as social networking websites.

Filtering can give you the peace of mind you want as a business owner, operator or as the manager in residential community. The Family Filter blocks sites that promote:

  • pornography
  • drug use
  • violence
  • hate crimes